entity Cloud

The hosting is operated by our server partners. These offer industry level uptime, speed and expertise in the operating environment. If an intranet is needed, it is also possible to arrange operation of the solution internally.


The web pages are run on Windows Server and SQL Server, with both automated maintenance and regular manual checks. We have a good balance between uptime and updates, so that you as a customer can rely on that the website is never unnecessarily down.

Maintaining your solution

The application is regularly maintained with both security updates and new features. Some functionality you get automatically, while other functionality requires changes to your website.

entity is automatically upgraded within each version. This means that if you are on version 1, you always have the latest version of the interface of version 1, and correspondingly with versions 2 and 3. Of course, new features appear in newer versions of entity, but the security updates, as well as support for new browsers, are covered for all versions.


Every website is backed up every night, so if you should be so unlucky to make a big mistake on your website, or something unexpected happens, it is possible to restore the content again.

We understand that accidents happen, and after many years in the industry, we see how important it is for both us and our customers to be able to sleep well at night without thinking of any mistakes that might happen. With the routines our operating partners have developed in collaboration with us, we have never experienced any major data loss.

Get it done

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