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With a modular platform you can combine the content of responsive templates with a wide range of customizations that can be done as needed or desired. You can also create custom templates and modules that are customized to your needs.


2-factor authentication

Universal design

Stay focused

Built with open standards

entity CMS is built with and on open standards, and Open Source platforms. The .NET is Open Source and available on GitHub, we use Lucene search engine, Entity Framework. Each customer is free to make their custom implementations open source or not.

  • Headless implementations. Use React, Angular or Vue to make headless websites or apps, or a hybrid solution if needed. We are also working on making Blazor available in the future.

  • Open Source and proprietary plugins. To meet the requirements for all customers, we allow both open source and proprietary plugins to be used with our platform.

  • Just ask us if you want to know more.

The customized standard

Out of the "box" comes the vast majority of functionality that a website requires. This means that it is not necessary to spend time and money on getting the most basic, but that you, together with your supplier, can focus on what the goals of the website should be and spend time on the value-adding elements of the website.

  • With entity 5, the website is tailored to a standard, so that your and your customers' needs come first. We believe we have found a good balance between shelf products and clean tailoring.

  • When you choose entity 5 as a platform, you are guaranteed both updates and maintenance of the solution. We are constantly updating the solution with new functionality, security and support for new browsers and devices. The web world is still moving forward, and we are watching

  • In order for your web pages to load as quickly as possible, entity 5 uses advanced intermediate storage of the web pages. It gives users a better experience, and allows servers to use the power to make other parts of the solution even faster.

Get it done

Get entity 5 and make your content shine out there.

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