Short info
about us.

Our goal is to have satisfied users. We hope to achieve this by offering a user-friendly publishing solution that can be tailored to each customer's needs. Tailoring can be done on many levels, from development with different code languages, to design adaptations that are done right in the browser. We believe we have found a good balance, but we will never finish developing, improving and optimizing. We welcome feedback on what can be improved.

eRedaktør was spun off as a separate company in 2010 after having been developed by EDB Totalpartner since 2004. The team has varied in size somewhat over the years, but there been a quite stable core. The head office is located in Kristiansand, Norway, and we have a development department in Romania that is involved in the further development of the tool. Together with our Norwegian agencies, they can also offer implementation support for design agencies and others who want this.

Our most important expertise
is knowing our customers.

Since our beginning we have worked closely with our resellers and their developers to make a great product for the end customer.

This agile process has given us many great ideas and functions that all our users have benefited from. Together we make the web a better place.

20+ developers

Our team is there to make sure everything is running smootly.

1000+ installations

How about that? You are in good company.

10 000 users *

Some users are clever, like you, and most have a very nice personality

150 000 articles *

Some sites have a lot of content, and some are keeping it to a minimum. We don't judge.

* These are estimates based on the installation base. We don't spy on our customers.

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