entity Commerce
The integrated solution

Built with .NET tech from Microsoft using the market leading SQL Server, the technical aspect is done deal. So you can keep the focus on optimization, marketing and customization.

Scalability and flexibility for developers and projects

When you or one of your customers is about to start an online store, there are often many ideas that swirl in your head. Then it is okay that everything technical is in place from the beginning, so the ideas are given priority. With eCommerce we have created a basic package so you have something solid to begin with. Then you can further consider what you want to keep and what you want to build on.

A good reason for choosing an online store with entity 5 is that you get a scalable solution that can be adapted to your needs. For example, integrations that need to be customized or developed. The solution is built on .NET, which gives developers a good starting point for connecting larger and smaller systems.

  • The overview page gives you a quick overview of orders that have been received, shopping carts created, popular products, help to update the products and more.

  • The online store works like most other online shopping with checkout and checkout. This gives the visitor a safe experience.

  • Various card payment solutions are supported, and new ones are added regularly. Nets, Payex, Klarna, Stripe, PayPal are ready to use.


Out of the box modules
that can be tailored to you.

We are constantly building new modules, which in turn can be tailored to the needs of every single online store. This applies both in user interfaces, integrations and tools.

B2B + B2C


Order Processing

Offers and group prices

Quantity discounts

Time-limited rates

Dynamic product types

Related products

Shipping Calculations

Inventory management

Orders Exports

Customer Customizations

Repetitive orders

Payment Integrations

Capture amount directly

Product Reviews

VAT rates

Rights Management

My Page

Stored trading baskets

Product Import (Excel, JSON/API, Visma, etc.)

Static and dynamic reporting


Visma Integrations

Get it done

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